There are a number of reasons you should chose romania as the place of your studies. And first of all, high quality education! Romania is a great place for you to study, diplomas are recognised all over Europe and beyond. Furthermore. Romanian Higher Education is known for its rich academic heritage – the first Romanian universities were established by Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza – the University of Iasi (1860) and the University of Bucharest (1864). Offering state-of-the-art facilities, a thrilling student life and modern research opportunities, Romania gives you the possibility to also benefit from its renowned university tradition especially in the fields of engineering, medicine and science. Four of Romania’s universities are ranked in the QS Top Universities in the World.

Romania has a wide choice of university programmes. With over 100 public and private accredited Higher Education Institutions, you can choose from different degree programmes at Bachelor, Master, PhD /Doctorate level, all leading to an EU recognised diploma

While they maintain their academic standards, they have some of the lowest tuition and living costs in the European Union when in english and french.

Romania is ranked number 48 in the world in air quality by World Health Organization.  You will also be living and studying in one of the safest countries in Europe, with the crime rates among the lowest in Europe. The 210 sunny days per year give us plenty of opportunities to enjoy the time outdoors! 

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