About us

European Studies and Language Services (ESLS) started its operations in 1994 by two graduates educated in Greece, France and UK.

Our mission is to be the world leaders in advising students to pursue their quality studies abroad at a very cost effective manner. This is because substantial amounts of money are wasted by parents and students in trying to find the best way to achieve their academic objectives. ESLS assists parents and students to identify the best way to receive a high standard and quality education.

Our vision is to continuously support our customers to attain their long term academic and career objectives.

Our services constantly expand to provide more benefits to our customers. We try to be present in all aspects of major decisions and thus avoid mistakes that are often made during the decision making process.

To achieve that we try to organise individual interviews with our customers in order to identify their academic and career needs or even to challenge their choices and guide them to the right direction. We also help them to choose the country and university that fit their qualifications paving the way to a successful outcome.

In addition, we provide services that help our customers to decide on their accommodation and travelling arrangements. Finally, we maintain a long term relationship supporting them to face all challenges throughout their academic and professional career.

ESLS is now operating in many countries represented by local associates. Our network of associates is composed by people who have adopted ESLS culture.