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Most university applications are supported by a set of documents acceptable by the admissions office. Our task is to advise students to collect, prepare and legalise their documents according to the rules applied to each case. Then, the set of documents is assessed by our specialised team and once approved they are submitted to a given institution chosen by the candidate. However, If a candidate decides to apply to more than one university then duplicate copies are required to be submitted separately.

The most common documents required by universities include a high school diploma, a high school transcript, a valid ID, a health certificate and an access to the university certificate as well as passport size photos. All documents apart the photos and ID should be legalised according to the regulations applied to each country. The most common type of legalisation is based on the Hague Convention. Countries part of the Hague convention legalise their documents by an apostil certificate or stamp. However, we help students to follow the right process in order to properly legalise their documents.

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