Stara Zagora

trakia_universityThe first classes began the spring semester of the 1923-1924 academic year with 33 students and was held in the bacteriological station and the Military Veterinary Hospital. The first study was approved by the School Board on January 12, 1924 and consists of 40 courses with a specific number of theoretical and practical hours per semester.

A research center was created, that was the main condition for rapid progress and quality of science in the coming years. The research center also enabled the regular publication of the annual activity of faculty in research.

For many years, Professor Pavlov marked the development of veterinary Bulgaria, he is the founder of the State Veterinary.

On July 21, 1995, by decision of the 37th National Assembly, the University of Thrace in Stara Zagora opened its doors and the veterinary school is part of the Medical School. For 85 years, the veterinary school in Stara Zagora has trained about 12,000 professionals veterinarians in order to overcome the existing deficit. The school has gained international detection is the Department of Veterinary Medicine as a famous institution of higher education, motivated many countries to send their citizens to a degree in veterinary medicine in Bulgaria after the academic year 1947-1948.Peripou 400 foreign citizens from 46 countries have graduated from veterinary school and 60 have done their doctoral studies here.